Cloud App Developers, LLC offers Offshore and Nearshore Software Development Resources possessing English and Communication Excellence!

Our team of 1,500+ Architects, Developers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers are extensively screened and have domain expertise in several industries, including: telecommunications, financial services, insurtech, IoT, Logistics, Industrial Automation, etc.

Dedicated To English Excellence

Developer Screening, Testing & Training

Technical English Proficiency

For Agile, “English at Speed” is the standard.

Communication Excellence

Our Developers are trained to use clear, “low-context” communication.

Problem Solving Aptitude

Our customers expect Engineers, not Coders.

Code Quality

Code reviews for all developers.

Software Development Engagement Models

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Teams

Autonomous team assembled to deliver technology solutions.

Managed by Customer Product Owner and our Scrum Master.

Software Development Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Augment your internal team with developers you don’t have to babysit?

Integrate top developers having English & Communication Excellence.

Custom Software Development

Custom Development

End-to-End Custom Software Development, built to your specifications.

Hire Remote Developers

Global Development Centers

Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore Software Development (Latin America)

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development (Central Europe)

Outsourcing to India

Offshore Software Development (Southern India)

Location: Argentina

Top Rated In Latin America for English Proficiency

Maximum Time Zone Overlap with the USA

Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Hungary

Top Rated in Central Europe for English Proficiency

Talented Engineering Pool

Strong Engineering Culture Alignment

Location: Cochin

Most Westernized Region of India

Very Low Turnover Rate in Region

Ability to Scale Large Teams Rapidly


Testimonials 5 Star